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Lance - ffoulkes British Pattern 1816 Cavalry lance

Lance - ffoulkes British Pattern 1816 Cavalry lance



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Physical Description

The gradually tapering leaf-shaped blade is slightly hollow ground, with a slight medial ridge. The blade is attached to the haft by a short socket and langets of equal length. The langets are secured by three hoops that have raised, flat-topped tubes for the attachment of the pennon. The two halves of the tubes are joined by screws around the langets.
The haft is parallel sided and quite thin. The narrow shoe is a cone shaped, with a rounded end and secured to the haft by a screw that passes through short langets.

Metal parts heavily patinated, resiude of aluminium paint.
Missing top pennon hoop and tube.
Regimental marks unreadable


Mass manufacture



LanceBlade length160 mm
LanceHead (including langets)605 mm
LanceHead length197 mm
LanceShoe175 mm
LanceTotal length2964 mm
LanceWeight1818 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Aluminium paint on upper haft and head.