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Inscriptions and Marks

With W IV R (i.e. WR IV) cypher.


Places Britain


It seems probable that this sword is the same as that to which the number IX.3399 was allocated in 1987/1988 (Old Edged Weapons Register) but that that number was never physically attached to it. The register gives the provenance of IX.3399 as 'Found' (i.e. found un-numbered in the collection). IX.3399 was described as an 1822 Infantry Officer's sword with a W IV R cypher and a note in the catalogue entry before amendement in November 2002 said the details had been compiled from the List of Uncatalogued Items (1982/83). However, there is only one sword in these lists matching this description (with a WR cypher) (LUI, 25/8) and that was given the present number IX.6562 during the Valuation Team's numbering of all the Brick Tower swords in about 1987 (VTR/BT/Swds, p. 123). An extensive search found only one officer's sword of this pattern with a WR cypher and it was decided it would be justified to treat IX.3399 as having been transferred to the present number. (see e-mails to and from David Blackmore - copies to be placed on inv. file for IX.3399) (PJL, 12/11/02).