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Sword (khanda)

Sword (khanda)



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Acquired from Glencorse Museum, Glencose Barracks, Penicuick, Edinburgh, via SUSM, Edinburgh Castle, due to MOD closing down the Museum. 5th November 1991.

Physical Description

The broad blade has a single fuller and has a gentle backward curve, swelling slightly at the point, with a double edge for approximately a third of the length of the blade. A single shallow groove extends for two-thirds of the length of the blade from the hilt immediately below the flat back.

The hilt is of the Hindu basket form with a wide, lobed guard extending into a wide knuckle-guard with pierced and chiselled decoration. The pommel is saucer-shaped with a dome in the centre and bent on one side. There is a long forward-curving tubular grip on top of the dome which terminates in an irregular break, open at the top. There is incised decoration at the base.

The broad langets extend initially the full width of the guard and narrow with an undulating profile to a width just narrower than the blade. They have simple incised decoration. A single rivet holds the langets to the forte with a copper washer decorated in the form of a seven petalled flower.


Dimensions: length: overall 1100 mm (43.25 in), Blade length: 850 mm (33.5 in), Guard width 120 mm (4.75 in). Weight: The weight of the sword is 1.245 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

The blade is stamped with a crude crescent moon and four stars. Painted '422' and self adhesive label on blade reads 'Mr Cunningham Gift'.


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