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Acquired from Glencorse Museum, Glencose Barracks, Penicuick, Edinburgh, via SUSM, Edinburgh Castle, due to MOD closing down the Museum. 5th November 1991. Formerly no. 429, presented by the Far Eastern POW Association.

Physical Description

The blade is shinogi zukuri, tori zori, ihori mune and suriage. There are two holes in the tang. The entire surface of the blade is covered with transverse scratches that obscure all the details of the blade. There is a deep niku on the mune.
There is no scabbard. The blade is fitted with a niju habaki with the number 429 painted on it in white. The tsuba is a circular iron plate, 7.9 cm diameter with brass inlay of flowers, leaves and tendrils; much of it missing. One hitsu ana is plugged with shakudo. The hilt is covered with poor quality same and the remains of black hilt braid. The menuki are lost and the fuchi / gashira are of yamagane crudely chiselled and gilded with plants and a fence.


Dimensions: The length of the blade is 696 mm, the sori is 11 mm, the width at the machi is 31 mm, the width at the yokote is 21 mm and the length of the kissaki is 34 mm. Tsuka length 245 mm Weight: 0.55 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

Inscribed on the tang 'Hizen no kuni ju Tadatsune'. On acquisition the blade was painted '429' and had a self adhesive label on blade reading 'Far Eastern POW Association Gift'.


Places Japan


Hawley does not list any Hizen Tadatsune. The scabbard XXVIS.212 was found to fit this blade, despite the extra length of the scabbard.