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Right mitten gauntlet

Right mitten gauntlet



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Purchased at auction Christie's, 24 April 2001 lot 63, from the R T Gwynn collection. Probably from Rhodes, and via Bachereau to Bashford Dean, New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, sold Christie's, London 22-3 November 1960 lot 358 (32 gns to Gwynn).

Physical Description

It has a boxed main plate with a short, flaring cuff, pinched at the wrist and flaring over the metacarpals. The articulated knuckle plate is restored. The single finger plate is rounded at the end. The thumb plate is missing, but a notch in the upper edge with a pair of adjacent rivet holes shows where it was. The main edges have boxed outward turns, the cuff edge bordered by close-set holes for attaching the lining. Across the finger plate are a series of five holes for the attachment of finger scales. Near the cuff is a pair of holes for points. Both plates are decorated with transverse fluting. The whole is corroded, with a few rust holes and two internal riveted repairs, one at the cuff, one on the finger plate.


Dimensions: length 242 mm Weight: 255 g

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If from Rhodes, this is the only German gauntlet, and one of the three earliest gauntlets from the find.