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Found, Oriental Armoury, 1975.

Physical Description

Possibly for the use of Imperial Guards.
The copper head is long and slender. It narrows in the middle and has a small oval shaped spatulate head and flares at the end to form a round socket.

The slender reed/bamboo shaft is lacquered black and decorated with red bands at the head and at either end of the fletches. Immediately behind the head there is a broad spirally bound band followed by two further narrow bands. The flights are bound at each end by broad spiral bands and decorated with an additional narrow band. There is another narrow band immediately in front of the nock.
There are two broad feather flights with brown horizontal coloured bands.
The crystal nock is missing.


Dimensions: Length overall; 67.6 cm, Head length; 11.2 cm, Flight length; 19.0 cm, Flight width; 9.0 cm, Weight: The weight is 0.028 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Japan


VALUED AS A SET. In the catalogue of 'Ki no Kunia' armour shop, Tokyo for Nov 1999 there appears a set comprising a lacquered ebira, 13 arrows and a bow. The arrows, like this have elongated copper heads. In addition, the set includes an arrow fitted with a copper kurimata pierced with an inome and a crystal sphere around the base of the head, making 13 arrows in the full set. The ebira is lacquered black with gold borders, pawlonia leaves and flowers. There is a complex of purple leather straps together with silk braids with gilded metal ends in the form of birds holding crystal pendants in their beaks. The bow is black lacquered with gilded nocks, a brocade covered grip and bound with red cord in a cockscomb in two places.