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Found in the Broad Arrow Tower 11/12/1989

Physical Description

The flattened head is shaped like a katar with a triangular shaped blade with a medial ridge extending back to a shoulder, behind which are two pierced cut outs in the centre. Both cut outs are rectangular, the first has the longest side perpendicular to the arrow. The second is much larger with the longest side running parallel to the length of the arrow. This gives the rest of the head the appearance of the grip of a katar. The head widens to form a round section socket.
The shaft is of dark brown reed with a single node visible.
The decoration at the head consists of three green painted bands bordered by narrow alternating bands of brass and copper.
This decoration is similar to XXVIB.61 C-O but two of the same series XXVIB.61 A and B have single green bands bordered by brass and copper bands.
The shaft is decorated from the waist to the nock with repeating panels of red flowers with dark green foliage on a gold background. The panels are separated by narrow painted bands composed of four black rings with red horizontal bars between the outer rings.
The bulbous nock is painted white with a shallow goove painted red.


Dimensions: Length overall 74.0 cm, Head length 4.8 cm, Head width 1.3 cm, Flight length 13.0 cm, Weight: 0.028 kg.

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Places India


VALUED AS A SET possibly Windsor loan