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Consisting of 3 lames flared to the neck, the upper edge of the 1st lame shaped to the skull of the helmet, the lower edge drawn out medially to an obtuse point. The lower main edge has a plain inward turn, all other main edges having partial inward turns. The subsidiary edges of the second and third lame are bevilled. The lames articulate by a domed rivet at each side, all except the 1st rivet on the left secured by an internal square washer which retains a fragment of canvas lining band. In addition, the first two lames have, above each articulating rivet except that on the left of the second lame, a similar lining rivet and washer, that on the right of the first lame now missing its washer. The main edge of the third lame is bordered by 6 domed lining rivets secured by internal square washers which retain fragments of the canvas lining band. The lames also originally articulated on a central internal leather, each lame having an external domed brass rivet, the first lame pierced internally for the missing rivet, the 2nd having no internal rivet, the 3rd lame having an internal washer.
Each upper corner of the first lame is pierced to connect it to the lower edge of the skull. The lower edge has a pair of holes on the left and one on the right, all having broken out to the edge; there is another smaller hole, close to the medial edge.
Externally black.


Dimensions: Max. length: Approx. 16 cm. (6.26 in.), Max. width: 22.1 cm. (8.7 in.) Weight: Max. weight: .260 kg. (9.25 oz.)

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Places England