Object Title

Centrefire eight-shot blank-firing revolver - Bruni Olympic 22 GR

Centrefire eight-shot blank-firing revolver - Bruni Olympic 22 GR



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Transferred through the National Museums Consortium via Amnesty 1988. From Lancashire Police, no.18.

Physical Description

Short barrel (1 9/16in) revolver, large foresight, and groove rearsight, eight shot cylinder, that swings out to the left, the release catch is the clearing rod. The rod is pulled foreward to release the cylinder, and is pushed to the rear to eject cases. The gun is double action with large spur hammer, and the barrel/frame is drilled from the top to vent the gases upward and foreward and not through the barrel, which is blocked, The grips are plain and made of wood, fixed by one screw and nut, the pistol is finished in black


OverallLength178 mm


Serial Number None visible


.22 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Left side above trigger is cast OLYMPIC 22 GR, and to the rear of the cylinder shield on the left side within a circle is BBM over an arrow, on the right side of the frame is cast in MADE IN ITALY


Places Italy