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Formerly in fan display of Indian arrows removed from Oriental Gallery

Physical Description

The head has a lozenge section blade with two facets top and bottom and cut outs on each side at the rear. It is waisted behind the head, widening to a round socket.
The shaft is of cylindrical section reed with two prominent nodes along its length. It is decorated at the head with a broad band of green paint flanked by narrow bands of yellow decorated with crudely executed black rings and red horizontal stripes.
The shaft is also painted yellow in front of the flights extending right to the nock and decorated with designs in red and black. There is a central band of black evenly spaced spots flanked by bands decorated with red circles and black crosses. Each panel is separated by narrow borders composed of evenly spaced black rings with red horizontal stripes between the central rings. A single panel of red circles and black crosses with black rings and red stripes is repeated near the nock.
The nock is also painted yellow and the groove is painted red. The design is similar to that of XXVIB.96.
There are three flights, all of black feather.
The flights flare sharply then continue parallel to the shaft before tapering gradually towards the nock.


Dimensions: Length of head; 4.5 cm, Length overall; 73.7 cm, Fletch length; 9.0 cm, Fletch width; 0.7 cm, Weight: The weight of the arrow is 0.02 kg.

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Places India (?)