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Formerly in fan display of Indian arrows removed from Oriental Gallery

Physical Description

The head has a square section tapering point cut away at the back corners with a waisted round socket. The head is loose.
The shaft is of cylindrical section reed with a single prominent node. It is decorated at the head with a broad band of green paint flanked by narrow bands of yellow decorated with crudely executed black rings and red stripes.
The shaft is also painted yellow in front of the flights extending right to the nock and decorated with designs in red and black. There is a central band of red circles and black crosses, which might be fruit flanked by borders of paired spaced black lines either side of a narrow red band. A similar design of black lines and a red band is repeated near the nock.
The nock is also painted red with a single black ring. There are three flights, two of white feather and one dark- brown or black. The flights flare gradually in a straight line and angle sharply inwards at the nock.


Dimensions: Length of head; 4.5 cm, Length of tang; 3.0 cm, Length overall; 74.3 cm, Fletch length; 8.8 cm, Fletch width; 0.5 cm, Weight: The weight of the arrow is 0.018 kg.

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Places India (?)