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I.778 1-60


Old Armouries Library stock.

Physical Description

pp. 185-200. Descriptive text, and numerous illustrations, the majority signed with the monogramme HJ. No. 50. signed in full, H. Johnson.
p. 185.
1. 'The Tower'. Decorative headpiece, with central view of the Tower of London, supported by a Yeoman Warder and a masked executioner.
2. Traitor's Gate
3. The Regalia.
p. 186.
4. Small cell in Beauchamp Tower.
5. Coffin plate of the last three Lords beheaded on Tower Hill.
6. Prisoner's device recently discovered in the Bloody Tower [Stapleton].
p. 187.
7. Banqueting Room, White Tower.
8. Upper Chamber, Broad Arrow Rower [with prisoners' inscriptions indicated].
9. The Rack [model].
pp. 188-189. Double page spread of illustrations.
p. 188.
10. The Byward Tower.
11. The Middle Tower.
12. Flint Tower.
13. The Entrance Gate.
14. Wakefield Tower.
15. The Devereux Tower.
16. The Salt Tower.
17. The Bell Tower.
p. 189 .
18. The Bloody Tower.
19. Beauchamp Tower from the Moat, and from Tower Green.
20. State Prison in Beauchamp Tower.
21. Staircase leading to Dungeons, White Tower.
22. St. Thomas's Tower [from the wharf].
23. The Martin or Jewel Tower.
p. 190.
24. Council Chamber [with armour installed].
25. Grand State Salt Cellar.
pp. 192-3. Double page spread of illustrations.
26. Church of St. Peter ad Vincula.
27. The Lieutenant's House.
28. Captured guns.
29. Officers/ Quarters.
30. St. John's Chapel, White Tower.
31. The Tower from the River.
32. The Place of Execution, Tower Green.
33. Royal Baptismal Font and ancient anointing spoon used at coronations.
35. The Barracks.
36. The device of John Dudley ... Beauchamp Tower.
37. The device of Peveril and Robert Dudley (Elizabeth's Earl of Leicester).
pp 194-5. Unrelated text.
pp. 196-197. Double page spread of illustrations.
p. 196.
38. Queen Elizabeth.
39. Three Crowns.
40. Armour of Henry VIII.
41. Entrance to prison, Bell Tower.
42. The Headsman and Warders.
43. Raleigh's Cell.
44. Princess Elizabeth's walk.
45. Princess Elizabeth's Prison in Bell Tower.
p. 197.
46. The Cholmondeley Tomb in St. Peter's Church.
47. Heading Axes, Helmets etc.
48. Fluted Armour (temp. Henry VIII).
49. The Block and Headsman's Mask.
50. Burial-Place of the two young Princes [signed H. Johnson].
51. Instruments of Torture.
52. Machinery for raising portcullis, Bloody Tower.
53. Cradle Tower and Well Tower [from the wharf].
pp. 198-199. Double page spread of advertisements.
p. 200.
54. Remarkable arms.
55. Remarkable armour etc. [inc. Pratt helmets].
56. Council Chamber ingovernor's or Lieutenant's House.
57. Arms of 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.
58. Lower Chamber, Broad Arrow Tower.
59. Large Dungeon, White Tower.
60. A window in the Banqueting Room, showing decorations of sword blades, ramrods, cuirasses, etc.


Dimensions: 440 mm x 20 mm x 610 mm


Places Britain


Another copy in Tregellis portfolio, I.463.
W.J. Loftie wrote the late ninteenth century official guide to the Tower of London, various eds. between 1886 and 1919.