Object Title

Terminal finger scale

Terminal finger scale



Object Number

III.4400 E


Probably old Tower collection. Found in Waterloo Attic Room B.

Physical Description

Consisting of the lowest scale, secured at the upper end to a fragment of the leather glove by an externally flush rivet which has broken out to the upper edge. The lower edge is rounded and has an additional externally domed rivet, with internal irregular washer, to secure it to the leather fragment. The domed rivet is bordered by bowed double incised line decoration to simulate the fingernail. It is externally bright.
The upper end of the leather fragment is pierced for a rivet and has broken out to the right side and upper end.


Dimensions: Max. length: 5.4 cm. ( 2.1 in.), Max. Width: 1.7 cm. ( 0.6 in.), Weight: * * kg. ( * * oz.)

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