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Purchased from the Great Exhibition of 1861.

Physical Description

The broad head is elaborately cut out behind the point.
Behind the head the shaft is decorated with six equally spaced metal bands composed of alternating flattened copper and brass wires. Between each of the metal bands the decoration alternates between a brown and white chequered band, then a bluey metallic band.

The main body of the shaft is of dark brown (possibly stained?) reed of cylindrical section.

At the nock end of the shaft the decoration consists of alternating painted bands of blue and red colour decorated with gold floral motifs. These are separated by bands of of gold cross-hatching on a red background with a narrow border of gold lined with black on either side.

The fletching consists of three white feathers, one having a dark grey or black pattern.

The bulbous nock is of bone with a deeply incised round groove painted red.


Dimensions: Head length: 6.5 cm, Head width: 1.7 cm, Length overall: 75 cm, Fletch length: 8.7 cm, Weight: The weight of each arrow is 0.034 kg.


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