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IX.909 B


Extracted from May & Annis Swords for Sea Service vol I (HMSO, 1970) p.111-112 Vice-Admiral Cuthbert, Baron Collingwood of Caldburne & Hethpoole died at sea 7 March 1807. His will dated 29 July 1806, proved 14 July 1810, left all his medals received from the king and all swords and plate presented to him by corporate bodies to his wife – not to be separated or divided as long as any of his family remained. On the death of his wife they were to go to his eldest daughter and to descend to her heirs; should this fail, then to his younger daughter and her heirs. (No mention of his mother swords, which were presumably included in the furniture and fittings at Morpeth and thus left to his wife). Lady C died 17 September 1819, and her will (dated 11 March 1818) was proved 2 November 1819. No mention of any swords. Lord C’s eldest daughter Sarah married George Lewis Newnham 9d. 1838) and they subsequently took the name Collingwood. Sarah’s will dated 12 May 1846 left 6 swords to her bro in law Wm. Newnham and her 1st cousin Edward John Collingwood in trust for her daughter Mrs Hall. Should Mrs Hall die without descendants, the swords to pass to Collingwood Denny (son of Sarah’s sister, Mary Patience, Mrs Anthony Denny m. 18 September 1823). These swords listed as: 1. Pres by City of London 2. Pres by Corporation of Liverpool 3. Pres by Dke of Clarence 4. Surrendered by Spanish V- Adml Alava 5. Surrendered by Spanish R-Adml Don Ballaga Hidalgo Cisneros 6. Surrendered by French Adml Villeneuve Mrs SN Hall signed a receipt for these swords + 4 others 10 December 1852. Mrs Hall later remarried dying in 1872. The 6 swords passed to Collingwood Denny – he lent them to the Royal Naval Exhibition of 1891 (ix.909 cat no. 2660?) and then sent them to Christie’s Sale 11,July 1899. The City of London and Liverpool swords purchased by Lady Meux for £240 and £160, and she sold them at a Red Cross Sale during FWW. Liverpool sword disappears, but ix.909 came into the possession of Sir Bernard Eckstein, who gave it ToL in 1948. BC April 2020


Dimensions: Overall length: 850 mm (33.5 in)



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