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(N.B. marks not yet completed)On blade, on IN/OUTside, near hilt, stamped: SB&NLD (no spaces between the letters - S B & N Ld); probably for Sanderson Bros & Newbould Ltd (see Notes).On blade, on IN/OUTside, near hilt: '15 (for 1915).


Places Britain


It seems probably that the maker's stamp on the blade is that of Sanderson Bros & Newbould of Sheffield.
The same maker's stamp is found on IX.6447 (dated [19]18 and IX.6460 [dated [19]16 (both also Pattern 1908 Cavalry swords).
Richard H. Bezdek, Sword and Sword Makers of England and Scotland (Paladin Press, Boulder, Colorado, 2003), p. 214 gives, under Sheffield, Sanderson Bros. & Neubold [apparently incorrect spelling], Newhall Road, 1900-1908, as 'knife, bayonet & sword maker' (source not given). Richard Washer, 'The Sheffield Bowie & Pocket Knife Makers 1825-1925^, T.A. Vinall, printed at Nottingham, pp. 98-9, gives 'Sanderson Bros & Newbould [note Newbould not Neubold], Newhall Road, Sheffield, circa 1860'. Various marks are illustrated, but none is that found on the above swords.
Sanderson's also made bayonets and the following examples are in the Royal Armouries (list compiled from a STAR search at Feb. 2008 and almost certainly not complete): X.6978, X.7000, XXII.199, XXII.201.