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Tower arsenal. Bowyer Tower, 1993.

Physical Description

It has a raised neck, is minimally shaped to the back and shoulders, and has a narrow flange at the waist. The angles at the neck are quite deep. The edges of the neck, arm-openings, and the bottom of the waist-flange have plain inward turns. At the top of each shoulder is pierced a pair of rivet-holes for the attachment of the shoulder-straps. At either side are two flat-headed, round rivets for the attachment of a waist-belt. Two later suspension-holes, one beneath the armpit, one slightly above the waist-flange, are pierced at either side. An additional suspension-hole is pierced at either armpit, the one at the right is obsructed. A recent suspension-hole is pierced at the centre of the neck. The corner of the left side of the neck-opening has broken off. A crack appears at the left arm-opening. At either side, a small portion of the metal has broken off, and the right corner of the waist-flange is broken off.

Heavily patinated.


Dimensions: Maximum height: 38.6 cm ( 15.2 in ), Maximum width: 34.0 cm ( 13.3 in ), Maximum depth: 12.5 cm ( 4.7 in ), Weight: 1.4 kg ( 3 lb 2 oz )

Inscriptions and Marks

At the centre of the neck is struck a crowned CR for the arsenal of Charles II. To the left of that is struck a combined AN for the maker Anthony Newman. On the left shoulder, next to the neck-opening is struck the number 68.


Places England