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Bowyer Tower, 1993. Returned from Loan L58 to Combined Cadet Force, Perse School, Cambridge on 29 October 1992.

Physical Description

It has wide shoulders, a shallow cut-out at the neck, shallow arm-openings, and a medial keel terminating in a triangular facet a small distance above the waist, which has a flange that deepens to a point at the centre. All edges are fitted with a flattened, gilt brass edging, now missing at the neck. The edges were originally bordered by thirty large sub-conical, hollow-headed rivets of gilt brass, of which the one at either side of the inner shoulder is now missing. All of the remaining rivets, with the exception of the outer rivet at the right shoulder, which is now missing its internal washer, and the rivets at either side of the waist-flange, which have oval internal washers, are fitted with large, circular, internal washers retaing fragments of a broad, leather lining-band. At either side of the chest is riveted an asymmetrical mushroom-shaped gilt brass stud with large, circular, internal washers to engage the shoulder straps of the backplate. A small rectangular indentation appears at the left shoulder and at the bottom half of the medial keel. Three small circular indentaions appear around the right arm-opening. The gilt brass edging is dented at either arm-opening.

Bright with light patination.


Dimensions: Maximum height: 38.9 cm ( 15.3 in ), Maximum width: 39.5 cm ( 15.4 in ), Maximum depth: 15.2 cm ( 6.0 in ), Weight: 1.8 kg ( 3 lb 16 oz )

Inscriptions and Marks

Struck on the left side, slightly above the waist-flange, is a 'No.3' over a crowned '8'. Struck to the right of the gilt brass edging at the left side, between the first and second rivets up from the waist-flange, is a crowned downward pointing broad arrow. Struck internally, just above thw central rivet of the waist-flange, is a '3'.


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