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I.705 1-4


From the Library of Sir James Gow Mann, Master of the Armouries 1939-1962. Part of a portfolio of miscellaneous prints of arms and armour, labelled: 'Purchased from Guntrip of Tonbridge, Dec., 1951 - apparently ex-Baron de Cosson (with his handwriting on a print of a pistol).'

Physical Description

Apparently illustrations for an Encyclopaedia.

1. Plate I. 'Ancient Bronzes' 'In the collection of Payne Knight Esqr.' and 'In the British Museum.' 'Milton fe.' 'Published as the Act directs Sep. 1, 1802, by Longman & Ross, Paternoster Row.'
2. Plate II. [Ancient and classical armour]: 'from Denon', 'from the Tuscan Gallery', 'from a Gem', 'from Sir. Wm. Hamilton's Vases', 'a Bronze in the British Museum'. 'I. Flaxman R.A. del.', 'Milton sculp.' 'Published as the Act directs, Jan 9, 1804, by Longman & Ross, Paternoster Row.'
3. [Greek and Roman arms and armour]: 'Plate III 'from Bartoli's Triumphal Arches', 'in the British Museum', 'from Sr. Wm Hamilton's Vases'. 'Milton sculp.' 'Published as the Act directs, June 1, 1803, by Longman & Ross, Paternoster Row'.
4. 'Plate IV & V' [Mediaeval armour] 'Published as the Act directs, Decr. 10, 1818 by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, Paternoster Row'.


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