Object Title

Left thumb defence

Left thumb defence



Object Number

III.4399 e


Probably old Tower collection. Found in Waterloo Attic Room B.

Physical Description

Consisting of 6 scales overlapping outwards from the 3rd., The 1st scale is drawn out at its upper edge to an obtuse point, the edges of the 2nd scale tapering outwards from top to bottom. Both scales have a medial ridge. The sides of the 3rd scale have a concave taper towards the lower edge, the left side having a lateral indent. The upper edges of the 3rd scale, together with all main edges of the 1st and 2nd, have plain inward turns. All subsidiary edges of the 2nd to 5th scales, except the lower edge of the 3rd, are bordered by double incised line decoration. The lower edge of the 6th scale is drawn out to an obtuse point. The 1st and second scales are secured to the leather glove by two externally flush rivets at their upper end; the 4th to 6th are similarly secured by a single rivet. In addition, the 1st scale is secured by an externally domed rivet at its upper end, the 6th similarly secured at its lower end. The 3rd scale has a central domed rivet and two skeuomorphic domed rivets either side of the medial ridge at the upper end. The scales are riveted to a fragment of leather which is in turn stitched with light brown thread on either side to the thumb stall of the glove. The thumb stall is stitched up its length on the underside.
Painted black.


Dimensions: Max. length: 13.6 cm. ( 5.34 in.), Max. Width including leather: 5.7 cm. ( 2.3 in.), Max. width of 3rd. scale: 4.98 cm. (1.96 in.) Weight: 0.o55 kg. ( 2.0 oz.)

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