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Finger scales

Finger scales



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Probably old Tower collection. Found in Waterloo Attic Room B.

Physical Description

Curved to the finger. Consisting of 4 scales overlapping outwards, drawn out to an oblique point at the lower edge and secured to fragments of the leather glove by 1 externally flush rivet at the upper end.
The lower edges are bordered by double
* incised line decoration.
The 4th scale has a rounded lower edge with an additional externally domed rivet, with internal circular washer, to secure it to fragments of the leather glove. A piece of string has been looped between the 1st scale and the leather.
It is externally bright.
The 4th scale has teo scratches running across above the domed rivet.


Dimensions: Max. length: 7.7 cm. ( 3.0 in.), Max. Width: 1.68 cm. ( 0.66 in.), Weight: 0.015kg. ( 0.5 oz.)

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