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J.Tenniswood. Purchased February 1993.

Physical Description

A variant of the Pattern 1859 bayonet, this example having a sway backed blade, possibly as a result of the saw-teeth having been ground off. It is fitted with standard chequered black leather grips, retained by three rivets and a large retaining screw which acts as a retainer for the spring locking catch. The hilt has a steel lozenge to which is brazed the end of the steel guard. The guard is fitted to the crosspiece by means of five steel rivets, as opposed to the normal method of brazing.
The scabbard is of stitched black leather with brass chape and locket. An elongated lozenge shaped stud for a frog is fitted below the locket.


Dimensions: Length: 31 1/2 in, blade length: 25 1/2 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Rear of pommel: 1076 No blade marks visible.


Places India


See Skennerton & Richardson 'British & Commonwealth Bayonets' Margate, Queensland 1986. The bayonet is believed to have been supplied to the Natal Native Infantry, and was locally manufactured from surplus British stocks.