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Tower arsenal. Returned from Loan L108 from Forward Ordnance Depot, Dulmen on 16 October 1992.

Physical Description

Of 'short-waisted' form with a slightly raised neck, wide shoulders, a medial ridge and a narrow flange at the waist. The edges of the neck and arm-openings have plain inward turns. On either side of the chest is riveted a mushroom-shaped stud that engaged the shoulder-straps of the backplate. The studs are smaller than usual and appear to be recent replacements. A large suspension hole has been crudely pierced at the top of each shoulder. Six rivet holes of later manufacture are pierced around the neck, around each arm-opening and around the waist-flange, possibly for the attachment of a later inner-lining. On either shoulder, next to the neck-opening, is pierced a similar hole to those just described. At the centre of the waist-flange is pierced a recent hole which has cracked through to the edge. A pair of later belt-hooks of flat iron with an outward-scrolled terminal are riveted at each side just beneath the armpit. Immediately to the left of centre, half-way up, is a proof mark. The right corner of the neck-opening is cracked off. The corner of the left armpit is also cracked off and five minor cracks appear along the left arm-opening. Minor cracks also appear at the right armpit, beneath the proof mark, and at the waist-flange.

Probably nickel-plated over pitting and subsequently polished bright.


Dimensions: Maximum Height: 34.1 cm ( 13.3 in ), Maximum Width: 36.2 cm ( 14.2 in ), Maximum Depth: 15.5 cm ( 6.1 in ), Weight: 4.38 kg ( 9 lb 10 oz )

Inscriptions and Marks

Struck at the centre of the neck is an upside-down D possibly for the maker John Doewell of London. Below that is a large dot, probably a construction mark, intended for location of the medial ridge. To the left of centre is struck a crowned CR for the arsenal of Charles II.


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