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Wheellock combination axe and pistol

Wheellock combination axe and pistol



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Purchased Saturday 2nd April 1825 from Mrs Brooks of Old Bond Street in the first part of the role of the collection 'Having been sent from a Noblemans castle in Bavaria',

Physical Description

The axe-head with long fluke is hollow and contains five barrels the muzzles concealed by a hinged cover forming the edge of the axe-blade. The topmost barrel is ignited by a matchlock fitted on the left side, the mechanism concealed by a brass plate in the form of a lion, the second by a wheellock the mechanism of which occupies most of the outer surface of the axe-head on the opposite side, the remaining three barrels by a hand held match as is also a sixth barrel forming the handle or haft. There is a tubular extension to the pan of the wheellock intended to hold a length of match which would be ignited by the flash of the priming and then wihdrawn to ignite the remaining barrels. On the left side is a belt or saddle-hook. Traces of blueing remain on parts of the wheel-lock mechanism





Axe headLength15 inhes
Axe headLength381 mm
OverallLength21.8 inhes
OverallLength554 mm
OverallWeight2.95 kg


Serial Number None visible


150 bore

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