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Wheellock combination mace and pistol

Wheellock combination mace and pistol



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Previously catalogued under the 1909 Dillon sequence as (XIV.4) and before that under the 1859 Hewitt (or Old War Office sequence) as XIV.8. Therefore was in the collection prior to 1859.Purchased in an auction from George Robins, the Queens Bazaar, Oxford St.London, 19th March 1834, lot 195 (illus). Formerly in the collection of Barnard Brocas, Wokefield Park, Berks.

Physical Description

The pistol barrel forms the shaft of the mace the head of which has six pointed flanges each pierced with a trefoil. The lock is a wheel-lock and has a pivoted safety-catch engaging with the scear. The grip has a flanged guard above the head and an hemispherical pommel which is a hinged cover to a receptacle formed in the hollow grip. The whole weapon is etched and parcel gilt with foliage; a maker's mark is stamped on the lockplate and repeated on the barrel. There is a saddle-hook on the side opposite to the lock


BarrelLength13.25 inhes
BarrelLength338 mm
OverallLength22.7 inhes
OverallLength616 mm
OverallWeight1.72 kg


Serial Number None visible


.31 in


Places Germany

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