Object Title

Wheellock six-shot revolver

Wheellock six-shot revolver



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Presented by the Officers of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, 1927. Formerly in the museum of artillery collection, the Rotunda. 1874 cat No.????. 1856 cat No.??????. Transferred via the Cottesloe committee, 1927.

Physical Description

The lock of this pistol is plain but has a pierced bearing plate, behind which is mounted the doghead which has a cocking lever on it. The forepart of the lockplate is foreshortened to allow the mounting of a six-chambered cylinder that rotates around a central steel spindle.This cylinder is non-mechanical and has to be hand rotated. The slim barrel is octagonal at the rear and has a canon-barrel muzzle. The wooden stock is slightly curved and has an oviform butt that is spirally fluted


BarrelLength355 mm
OverallLength685 mm


Serial Number None visible


.300 in (120 bore)

Inscriptions and Marks

Rear of frame and lockplate have a raised hand in a shield with a star on each side and the initials P D. The barrel has a similar, smaller mark

Bibliographic References

Graeme Rimer, Wheellock Firearms of the Royal Armouries, Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, 2001. p.28, colour ill.