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Wheellock six-shot revolver

Wheellock six-shot revolver

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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum, Woolwich, 1927.

Physical Description

A wheellock revolver pistol with a slender barrel, octagonal at the breech and round at the moulded muzzle, which is shaped to have a prominent round bulge. A small reinforcing band is also moulded into the top of the barrel, approximately 2/3 of the length back from the muzzle. A six-chamber, hand-revolved cylinder is fitted. At the rear of the barrel, on top, is mounted a spring which runs in a guide bracket - this spring functions as the cylinder stop. The lock has an external wheel with a pierced bearing plate, to the rear of which is mounted the doghead. The wood stock has steel mounts and is in two pieces - the fore-end capped at both front and back by engraved steel fittings. The back end has a spirally fluted oviform butt. The trigger guard is slightly chiselled.


Chiselled, Manufactured, Engraved



BarrelLength14 in
BarrelLength356 mm
OverallLength27 in
OverallLength685 mm
OverallWeight1.616 kg
OverallWeight3.5625 lbs


Serial Number None visible


.300 in (120 bore)

Inscriptions and Marks

Maker's Mark
In a shield, a raised hand flanked by stars and the initials 'P D'
Lockplate, barrel and rear of frame

Bibliographic References

Graeme Rimer, Wheellock Firearms of the Royal Armouries, Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, 2001. p.28, colour ill.