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Dagger - Left Hand Dagger

Dagger - Left Hand Dagger



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Formerly in the Barac Collcetion Purchased by Miss Mallett at the de Cosson sale, 1946, lot 126 via Neal

Physical Description

Steel, diamond sectioned blade in the form of a spike, that is to say that each of the four pronounced 'edges' is blunt, tapering down to a sharp, needle point. Two deep fullers run from the short ricasso and down the length of each face of the blade, giving almost 3/4 of the blade a cross-shaped section. The fullers are pierced decoratively with a series of holes.
The quillon block is simple with two short, small, straight quillons of flattened, hexagonal section, bending slightly downwards towards the blade. The ring guard is also diminuative.
Octagonal grip of wood, slightly barrelled.
Rounded, octagonal pommel with flattened, round finial on top.



BladeLength291 mm
OverallLength401 mm
OverallWeight182 g

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Bibliographic References

[A.] L. Thompson, Daggers and Bayonets. A History, Spellmount, Staplehurst, 1999, p. 32 (illus., left) - 'German ... 1600'.