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Dagger - Left Hand ParryingDagger

Dagger - Left Hand ParryingDagger



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Physical Description

The steel blade is of a waved, flamboyant style, double edged with a reenforced point and of a scooped diamoned section. On the front, a single deep fuller runs the length of the blade, pierced by a series of small round holes and back-to-back ovate holes. Flanking this deep, central fuller are two further shallow fullers, again running the length of the blade. Two further deep and pierced fullers run the length of the ricasso, flanking the other fullers. The reverse of the blade is the same except that the deep, pierced fuller and two shallow fullers do not run the whole length of the blade. Rather they start at the end of the ricasso. The central block of the handguard is rectangular and decorated with simple geometric engravings. A looped handguard extends from the side of this block, starting in a simple floral form near the base but then becoming a simple loop. The quillons start with a trapezoid base, which is engraved with a simple linear design, followed by a raised ring, before becoming tubular and slightly flaring away from the hilt. The grip is of wood and bound in copper wire in a writhen style, with wire knot work binding the top and bottom. The steel pommel is an elongated, slightly rounded octahedron, with two opposite faces being engraved with a diagonal, linear design. A round fineal sits atop the pommel.





BladeLength268 mm
OverallLength405 mm
OverallWeight420 g

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Places Italy/Europe

Bibliographic References

[A.] L. Thompson, Daggers and Bayonets. A History, Spellmount, Staplehurst, 1999, p. 32 (illus., right) - 'Italian... 1600'.