Object Title

Dagger - Left Hand Parrying Dagger

Dagger - Left Hand Parrying Dagger



Object Number



Purchased with X.249-251, 253

Physical Description

The hilt is of steell with a wire wrapped grip of writhen form. The pommel is fluted with veritcal grooves running around the edge and with a round, flat-topped finial on top. The quillons are straight, emerging from a rectangualr central block, along with a plain ring guard. The blade is straight, double edged and of a severely scooped, diamond cross section; forming a pronounced medial spine to the blade. After the short ricasso, the blade is serrated on both sides for about 2/3 of the blades length before becoming smooth again, tapering towards the point. There are four fullers in the the blade, two on each side of the medial ridge, which are pierced through with a series of decorative holes. In places these holes have weakened the blade sufficiently that it has snapped, coming away from the medial ridge.





BladeLength276 mm
OverallLength391 mm
OverallWeight258 g

Inscriptions and Marks



Bibliographic References

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