Object Title

Sword Pommel

Sword Pommel


1525-1550 or later

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Presented by F.H. Cripps-Day, 1941-42. Ex Franz Thill Collection via Captain Jack Ball.

Physical Description

Of iron and of flattened spherical shape (Norman pommel type 58), spirally ribbed, the ribs decorated with incised lines, the lines running transversely and diagonally on alternate ribs.


Dimensions: Height 59 mm (2.38 in.), Max. width: 60 mm (2.35 mm) Weight: 1 lb 1/2 oz


Places Germany

Bibliographic References

A.R. Dufty and A. Borg, European Swords and Daggers in the Tower of London, London, 1974, p. 22 and Pl. 37, bottom row, left.


For the Norman pommel type, see A.V.B. Norman and C.M. Barne, 'The Rapier and Small-Sword, 1460-1820', London etc., 1980, p. 265.
The Typed Inventory described this pommel as for a hand-an-a-half sword but it is also possible that it is from a two-hand sword. IX.926, a two-hand sword, has a similarly shaped pommel with plain spiral ribs. The pommel of IX.765, another two-hand sword, is also of similar shape with spiral ribs (somewhat similarly decorated to the present pommel) which continue (without the decoration) on to the neck (PJL, 19/08/03). Hand-an-half swords with writhen pommmels at Schloss Ambras are mentioned by Norman (1980).