Object Title

Centrefire automatic submachine gun - Uzi

Centrefire automatic submachine gun - Uzi



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Transferred through the National Museums Consortium via the Home Office Buy-in scheme 1989. From Surrey Police, no.1.

Physical Description

A blowback sub-machine carbine constructed of welded pressed steel, with a box section body. The plastic covered pistol grip also doubles as the magazine housing. It has a grip safety to the rear, fire selector catch at the top left, and magazine release catch at its lower right. The cocking lever is mounted on top of the receiver, and is slotted to permit use of the sights.
The barrel is quick release, being retained by a knurled collar. The particular barrel fitted is unusually long, effectively turning the weapon into a carbine. It has a folding skeleton stock, and 32 round magazine. There are twp sling swivels on the left side. sights are flip over 100/200 yard rear, adjustable for windage, and post front. Overall finish is matt black, and its condition is excellent


OverallLength432 mm
StockWeight3.4 kg


Serial Number 106910


9 x 19 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

No makers marks. Probably made by IMI Tel Aviv



This weapon has been fitted with a long barrel to permit it to be classified as a 'carbine' under British law. It would have been illegal to possess after the 1988 Firearms Act.