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Percussion muzzle-loading military rifle-musket - Pattern 1853

Percussion muzzle-loading military rifle-musket - Pattern 1853



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Formerly Class XXIV.98 (1938-1971, Student Collection). Formerly IWM No.19,096 (When temporarily stored from about 1927 to 1938, a possible transfer was being considered under the Cottesloe Committee criteria.). Formerly Class XII.780 (1909-1916, The 1909 Dillon inventory system). Formerly Class XII.964 (1857-1909, The Old War Office inventory system otherwise known as the Hewitt system.). Originally registered in July 1897. Transferred from RSAF Enfield in 1891 as part of a collection of Sealed Pattern Arms. (Enfield list no.67)

Physical Description

Barrel: rifled with 3 grooves and of almost standard Pattern 1853 form except for an extended flat on the top of the barrel from breech to just in front of the rear sight bed. The rear ladder sight, graduated to 800 yards, is of the Westley Richards type, patented in 1852 and submitted by him to the 1852 series of trials organized by the Ordnance Select Committee in association with rifled muskets of his manufacture. This sight is also accompanied by a leaf sight with one fixed and two folding leaves for 200 and 300 yards.
The barrel is secured by screwed bands of what were to become the first pattern.
A visual inspection of the assembled lock shows no fitting marks although this rifle is pre interchangeable manufacture. It is fitted with a swivel but differs from later production models in having the short tail of the maninspring secured by a screw, rather than the undercut dovetail type of fitting.
The ramrod is missing.


BarrelLength39.02 inches
BarrelLength991 mm
OverallLength1400 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.53 in


Places Britain