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Accessioned on loan 154to the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, New Cadets' Dining Hall, July 1985.

Physical Description

Light, poorly formed back made from one plate. There is no spine groove at the shoulders . There is an inward turn at the neck, at the arms and at the lower edge which is slightly flared. The neck is high. Th e turned edge at the bottom has been trimmed away. There are six brass rivets round the arms and three at the sides, four at the neck, seven at the lower edge. The side straps were held by four mushroom rivets of which two are missing and the shoulder straps were held by four rivets, all of which are missing. There are the remains of the rivet lining inside. The plate is pierced all round for the lining.


Dimensions: Height 420 mm (16.5 in.), width 350 mm (13.75 in.) Weight: 4 lb 4 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

The breastplate is marked inside the top of the right shoulder with 5 and just beneath the left arm hole with 83


Places France