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Accessioned on loan 154 to the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Grand Entrance Hall, Old College, July 1985.

Physical Description

With narrow shoulders, a slight medial keel and a flange at the waist which is drawn down to a shallow point. The arm, side and waist edges are inwardly turned, the neck outwardly flanged; these edges are bordered by large dome headed lining rivets (twenty-eight of them) with circular washers retaining fragments of hessian lining. At either side of the chest, is a mushroom headed stud for the attachment of a shoulder strap. The plate is pierced all the way round for a lining. The turned bottom edge has been trimmed off and has part of the shoulder removing the last two domed rivets on each side.


Dimensions: Overall height 440 mm (17.4 in.), width 365 mm (14.4 in.) Weight: 7 lb

Inscriptions and Marks

The breastplate is stamped 68 halfway up the left-hand side, adjacent to the turned edge.


Places France


The 1807 model is discussed in C Aries, Cuirasses de Cuirassiers, type de 1807, Armes Blanches Militaire Franþaises (1969 fasc 4) Fig 2.