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Centrefire six-shot revolver - Webley-Pryse type

Centrefire six-shot revolver - Webley-Pryse type

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Presented by the Dowager Countess Roberts (Minute book [i.189] p.74) Put on display in the refurbished display in the White Tower together with Sir Garnet Wolseley's sword (xvi.14) and swords of our Allies in 1916 (Rev Authorised Guide to the Tower of London, Loftie, Dillon & ffoulkes, 1916; p.27 Shown in the "Record Room" - mod WT Entrance floor East - 'The case near the door contains swords presented by our Aliies in the present war, swords of the Duke of York, son of George III, and of Lord Wolseley, and the revolver of Lord Roberts".)


OverallLength260 mm


Serial Number None visible


7.63 mm


Formed part of the ToL at War display (1FW, case 8) 2017 - A Red Letter Day (the centenary of the WT opening as a museum) - 2016 -2017 with xvi.14