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Purchased Fenton. Ex Sotheby's 1946.

Physical Description

It is entirely etched with a design of strapwork and foliage involving amorini, trpohies, birds, insects and dolphins. In the centre is an oval cartouche containing a battle scene.


Dimensions: height 560 mm, width 390 mm, depth 130 mm Weight: 15 lb 6 oz

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Flanders

Bibliographic References

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Index card says 'Possibly connected with the Earl of Leicester's expidition to Flanders in 1585'.

c.f. breastplate in Middle Temple Hall which bears arms of Brabant and figure labelled 'Belgica' from Chiddingstone Castle, formerly Penshurst.
cf.III.1692 ex-Mann, III.1219-20, IV.569.
Sotheby 26.10. 1945 Lot 106. Sold by Streatfield through C.G. Walter, bought by Fentons for TOL- See MS note by J.G. MAnn in sale catalogue.