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Right poleyn

Right poleyn

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The pair was originally in the Reale Armeria (Royal Armoury) of Charles V, in Madrid, but bought at Oxenham's room on 21 July 1842 with a number of other items.

Physical Description

Embossed in the form of a monster's head with a wing-like ear. The skin of the monster is rendered in goldschmelz patterns against a blued ground, now almost brown. Below the main plate are two articulating lames attached by a central internal leather and sliding rivets at the sides. The lower edge has a roped inward turn, with a keyhole slot at the inner end for the turning pin of the geave. The inner corner is broken away.





OverallDepth100 m
OverallLength185 mm
OverallWeight312 g
OverallWidth135 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Germany

Bibliographic References

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J.G. Mann, Exhibition of Spanish Royal Armour, H.M. Tower of London, 9 April-25 September, 1960. Cat No.18.


This poleyn and III.850 are illustrated in the Inventario Illuminado of the Emperor Charles V where they are fitted to cuisses and splint greaves. They are also illustrated in the Thun'sche Skizzenbuch with the same leg defences (f. 37v).