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Right gauntlet

Right gauntlet



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Probably purchased about 1840. Possibly from the Meyrick collection.

Physical Description

Embossed with large flowers in relief among interlacing trefoils. Six embossed lines run down the back of the articulated plates with foliage sprouting from each line. The lowest plate is embossed over the knuckles with four lion's masks.


Dimensions: length 230 mm, width 135 mm, depth 135 mm Weight: 12 oz

Inscriptions and Marks



Bibliographic References

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Attributed by Hayward (1982: 88) to Caremolo Modrone, and by Pyhrr to Filippo Negroli. Pyhrr compares it to the burgonet from the Brocas collection, now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1998 no. 33) dated 1543, and suggests it might be from the same armour all'antica, made for an unidentified client, possibly the future King Philip II of Spain (1527-1598, r. from 1558). The ascription to the Meyrick collection derives from a MS note in the IBE by A V B Norman, suggesting it is ?illustrated in Meyrick and Skelton Vol. III, in the copy in the Wallace collection.