Object Title

Half armour

Half armour



Object Number



Not from Malta according to Hewitt or the MS Inventory I.11. Inventory no. ii.49 (1858-1986); ii.60 (1896-1916)

Physical Description

The breastplate has a central band of etching includes at the top an orb engraved with the letter P.

Inscriptions and Marks

An engraved P on the breastplate attributed to the master P.



Breastplate attributed to the Master P.
Comparable marks, Estruch no.1193, pl.LIV,LV on a gorget; Musée de l'Armée, Pauilhac Collection, no.53, on a breastplate; Collection of Vicomte de Songheøn a breastplate; Backplate, ex-Clarence Mackay, Christie's 27 July 1939 Lot 84, Sotheby's 14 April 1941 Lot 41; Wallace Collection A57 breast and back; an armour in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, from the Town Armoury; Museo Civico L. Marzoli, Brescia no.930; ex-Hever Castle, Sotheby's 5 May 1983 Lot 56.