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Seige helmet

Seige helmet



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Bowyer Tower, 1993.

Physical Description

The skull is exceptionally heavy and made in two halves joined in a low, medial comb which termintes a distance above its lower edge, and is secured at the brow with a single rivet and at the nape with two rivets, the lower of which is now missing. The main edge was originally bordered by sixteen rivets, of which only eight remain. Six of the missing rivets are at the brow, three at either side of the medial comb, some or all of which originally engaged the missing peak. A missing rivet is at each, outwardly-flanged, corner of the nape. The remaining rivets are fitted with circular internal washers retaining fragments of the leather lining-band. At either side are a pair of rivets for the attachment of the missing hinged cheek-pieces. The rivets on the right side are missing. At the nape, immediately below the termianl point of the comb and to either side of the upper securing rivet, is a pair of rivets which originally engaged the missing hinged neck-guard.

Painted black.


Dimensions: Maximum Height: 25.0 cm ( 9.7 in ), Maximum Width: 21.2 cm ( 8.3 in ), Maximum Depth: 24.2 cm ( 9.5 in )

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible.


Places Europe