Object Title

Right sabaton

Right sabaton


Early 16th centuary

Object Number

III.823 C

Physical Description

Sabaton of ten lames overlapping towards the wide central plate and of bear-paw form. The plates are articulated by brass rivets at the side and have partial inward turns around the edge. Etched but not gilded with a band of trophies matching the original decoration of the greave (III.823 B) from which they were removed in 1990. The third plate from the toe is restored. All the plates are articulated by brass rivets except one on the central plate which is brass capped.


SabatonLength208 mm
SabatonWeight340 g
SabatonWidth105 mm


Places Europe


Decorated to match the greave of Galeas St Severin, Grand Ecuyer of France from 1505 to his death at Pavia in 1525.