Object Title

Three-quarter armour

Three-quarter armour



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Possibly Old Tower Collection.

Physical Description

Black with bright sunken borders and vertical bands formed of broad, double flutes. Consists of II.33 A Close helmet; II.33 B Gorget; II.33 C Breastplate; II.33 D Backplate; II.33 E Right pauldron; II.33 F Left pauldron; II.33 G Right vambrace; II.33 H Left vambrace; II.33 I Left mitten gauntlet; II.33 J Right cuisse and poleyn; II.33 K Left cuisse and poleyn.

Inscriptions and Marks

The breastplate is stamped with a mark at the neck, the backplate at the top. The gorget is struck on the front main plate. Both pauldrons bear a Nuremberg mark. Left gauntlet is stamped with a Nuremberg mark.



The mitten gauntlet for the left hand was originally on the right; the thumbpiece was moved over and it was between 1958 and 1960 placed on the left. The fingered gauntlet was removed, briefly renumbered III.1468 (now a couter), and in 1976 sent on loan L217 to Canterbury, New Zealand. The H M mark only appears on the fingered gauntlet, which does not belong to the armour.

A similar, but slightly later, black and white armour, with the same type of cuisses is illustrated by Konrad Ullman, 'Harnisch und Waffen des 15-17 Jahrhunderts, Ausstellung auf des Marksburg bei Branbach/Rein', 1 Mai-30. September 1962, Nr.23.

A burgonet struck on the peak with a Nuremberg mark and H M and animal head (?) below and a further mark N within a shield in Powers Court Sale, Christies 24th and 25th September 1984, lot 377.