Object Title

Bench cartridge closing machine

Bench cartridge closing machine



Object Number

XIII.228 N


Purchased 3 May 1979. (With XIII.226, 227, 228 A-R)

Physical Description

Tubular iron container for cartridge, attached to screw clamp. Iron lever with wooden handle attached to plate beside open end of container. Brass cap for closing cartridges screws into other end and is rotated by a handle. The clamp and container are painted red


Weight: 16 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

G. J. W. HAWKSLEY 12 stamped on top of lever


Places Britain


The firm of G. J. W. Hawksley is mentioned in the introduction by G. Boland Spooner to 'A Catalogue of Sporting Tackle', 'JAAS', 1965-7, vol V, as being the main rivals to James Dixon & Sons (p 98).