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Trident (san gu cha or bian cha)

Trident (san gu cha or bian cha)



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Physical Description

The central spike is of four side section that necks in slightly towards the base. Fitted over this is a forward curving cross blade, forged with an eye in the middle for this purpose, of lozenge section, the tips of the blades being curled backwards. There is a multifacetted moulding below the cross blade below which the head becomes slimmer and octagonal then expands into another moulding before the long tapering socket. The shaft is of dark stained wood of round section.


Dimensions: length: overall 2632 mm (103.6 in), Head length: 974 mm (38.3 in), the width across the cross blades is 510 mm and the length: of the central spike is 355 mm. Weight: The weight of the pole arm is 3.65 kg

Inscriptions and Marks



Places China


Double numbered with XXVIL.69