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Armoured apron

Armoured apron



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There is a tag 'E2144 Wm Greig 55th Regt. 1846'. Found in the New Armouries Attic 16 11 1992 NMC

Physical Description

Part of an armour consisting of an apron or leg defence.
The apron consists of two dark blue fabric panels, lined with a pale blue fabric and studded with hollow hemispherical brass studs held in place by small stiches. In the center of the panel the studs are arranged to form the character 'ju'. The panels are bordered with a band of white and blue embroidery and edged with black moleskin or velvet.
They are attached to a broad waist strap of a paler blue fabric which tapers on the lower edge and terminates with two narrow fabric ties in the same material. There are pairs of waist darts on each panel just below the waist straps.
The studding on the panels starts approximately a quarter of the way from the waist in diagonal lines. There is a central circular design composed of studs on each panel. The studs are individually attached to the fabric by thread through three evenly spaced holes piercing the side of each stud.


Dimensions: The length from waist band to lower hem is 1056 mm, the greatest width being 631 mm. Weight: The weight of the item is 0.65 kg.


Places China