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Centrefire six-shot military revolver - Trocaola Aranza Service

Centrefire six-shot military revolver - Trocaola Aranza Service



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Presented by Sussex Police

Physical Description

A six shot top break revolver designed to use the standard British service cartridge of the 1914-18 period. It has a prominent rib above the barrel which runs the full length of the pistol, culminating at the rear in a knurled unlocking latch. The hammer and trigger are case hardened, the hammer having a serrated spur. The grips are two piece bakelite, being slightly undersized for the butt, in the bottom of which is a lanyard ring. The whole pistol is blued, and appears to be in almost unissued condition.


BarrelLength126 mm
OverallLength250 mm


Serial Number None visible


.455 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Top rib: Fa de TROCAOLA ARANZA BAL Y Cia EIBAR [ESPANA]British proof marks to rear barrel and cylindergrip has 1914 on top edgerear left of frame has CIA TRADEMARK


Places Spain


These revolvers were purchased in large quantities during the First World War as cheap substitutes for the Webley service revolver.