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Centrefire automatic submachine gun - Sites Spectre M2

Centrefire automatic submachine gun - Sites Spectre M2



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Presented by Sussex Police, 12th November 1992.

Physical Description

A blowback weapon firing from a closed bolt, the body of the Sites is of square section riveted pressed steel. A sliding cocking handle is place on both sides of the receiver. There is a moulded plastic pistol grip which also incorporates the trigger guard. Ahead of this is the magazine housing, forward of which is another plastic pistol grip. The barrel is very short (110mm/4.5 in) and is completely shrouded by the jacket. There is a folding steel buttstock which locks above the receiver. Fire select and safty catches are mounted on both sides of the grip. The magazines are double stack types, with 30 and 50 round capacity. The sights are basic front post and rear slot type. The gun is blued finish


Serial Number 000497


9 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

R.side receiver:SITES mod. SPECTRE cal 9mm made in italy patented


Places Italy