Object Title

Quarrel head

Quarrel head



Object Number

XI.29 O


Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Large pointed leaf shaped head of diamond section with long neck and long socket. Fitted on replica shaft.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


OverallLength165 mm


Places Europe


This is probably the ballista referred to in the 1857 Remain (I 21) as 'Bolt of a Springold of 14th century found in the ruins of the Castle of Gundisau, Canton of Zurich; (this Castle having been destroyed by fire in 1340) presented by Dr Ferdinand Keller, President of the Society of Antiquaries of Zurich'. It was one of the items noted at the end of the Remain as 'received since the Remain of 1857'. It was deposited in a glass case in the horse armoury.