Object Title

Whistling arrow (kabura ya)

Whistling arrow (kabura ya)



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Physical Description

The bamboo shaft is unpainted, with a carved nock and bound immediately behind the nock, before and after the fletching and behind the head where it is approximately 20 mm wide and overpainted with a single black band. There is a painted inscription in Japanese on the shaft in front of the flights.
The whistling head is of red painted wood bound with three black bands and decorated with six longitudinal bone fillets at the head extending back for about a third of its length. There are three rectangular holes in the whistle. The arrowhead is of forked karamata form, and fitted into the cane shaft with a long tang.
The flights are large but the feathers are in poor condition.


Dimensions: Length overall 1040 mm, Length of head 85 mm, Length of fletching 170 mm, Weight: 75 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Inscribed on the shaft 'Kasuya Shi reki mamo'



The inscription refers to the gift of the arrow(s) to the Kasuya, kuge of Chikuzen.