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Percussion rifle - Clanrickard Patent

Percussion rifle - Clanrickard Patent



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Purchased from Mr. Peter Finer (dealer), April 1986. Previosly owned by Mr.Keith Neal, who acquired them from Major General Sir Allen Adair in 1963. Originally in Sir Allen's grandfather's collection of family guns at Flixton Hall, Suffolk. He was a gentleman who liked curious arms.

Physical Description

The stock is made of mahogany and the fore-stock is fitted with false slide covers, the butt plate is blued as is the triggerguard. (Indeed it appears that there is no way to secure the barrel to the fore-stock as it is not cut for a slide.). The breech is engraved on both sides with hunting scenes, a stag and a boar. The barrel is browned and octagonal and is rifled. A spare breech is provided in the case


Dimensions: Overall length: 47.25 in (1200 mm), Barrel length (rifle): 31 in (788 mm)


Serial Number 4399


.59 in _ (24 bore)


Places Britain


Although the third barrel, the two groove, is housed in an otherwise empty case, it does in fact fit the stock of the Wilkinson in the double case. This stock also fits into the single case and could have originally been made for it before being fitted into the double case.

Rifle barrel 4264 made June 9th 1830
Smooth bore barrel 4276 made August 3rd 1830
2 groove rifle barrel 4731 made August 21st 1837.
Clanrickard barrel made June 7th 1832.
Valued with XII.5294